Flathead Lake Cheese
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Out where the world is still wild, you’ll find our bright yellow Creamery by the bay where we create artisanal cheeses by hand in small batches. When the weather allows, we use solar thermal heat to pasteurize our locally collected milk. From our recycled Island shirts to our vat or the sun, we’re all about making the best use of what’s around us. After much due diligence, we broke ground in our back yard in May of 2009 and built the Creamery where our garden once stood. We became operational in March of 2012 and have been innovating our tiny two person operation each year. From better use of space in our vault, to new flavors or to our infamous walk up window (folks visiting us inside the Creamery had never crossed our minds when we designed the building), we've found a way to grow and expand each year. As one of only 5 cheese makers in the entire state, we are quite the novelty and we strive to make each visit an enjoyable experience that visitors remember, share and look forward to returning to. I mean, come on, how many walk up cheese windows are there?

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208 1st Avenue East